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In the current pandemic, there are quite a few HR challenges that companies face with respect to managing their workforce. How should companies decide who should or should not go to the office? How can companies support employees who would require deeper care to manage COVID-19? This is where we come in!

DayToDay is here to make your organisation COVID-19 ready. Our one-stop-solution, the DayToDay COVID-19 App, for enterprises enables organisations to screen and report whether employees are well enough to go to work, or have to manage the care of employees who are assessed to be at higher risk through our care program. Our product is adaptable to individual organisations’ HR needs and empowers them to provide the right level of care to their employees.

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The DayToDay COVID-19 Care Management program offers a safe and effective solution for the remote care challenges ahead. We look forward to talking with you about opportunities to partner with you in this fight.

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