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We provide step-by-step, care journeys for hospitals and healthcare systems to guide patients through treatments and procedures.

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The DayToDay Solution

The COVID-19 pandemic case load is a challenge for healthcare providers struggling to manage their critical and non-critical patients. Remote healthcare is an ideal solution for the nearly 80% of patients with non-critical COVID-19 symptoms. It reduces the stresses on hospital facilities and the risks to front-line doctors and nurses.

The DayToDay Health™ COVID-19 Care Management Program is designed for patients who do not yet require hospitalization. It offers comprehensive, individualized, and holistic support that addresses a patient's clinical, physical, and emotional needs.

The DayToDay platform is designed for ease of use by caregivers and ease of implementation by providers to help onboard teams quickly and scale efficiently.

COVID-19 Care Program Features

Symptom Management

Ongoing monitoring of vital signs and symptoms critical to tracking COVID-19 progress.

Educational Resources

Expert directives for effective home isolation, understanding symptoms, and care choices.

Psychological Support

Liaisons between patients and their family members with social and mental health counselors.

Streamlined Communication

Convenient data, text, and voice channels for ongoing contact with your care management team.

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The DayToDay COVID-19 Care Management program offers a safe and effective solution for the remote care challenges ahead. We look forward to talking with you about opportunities to partner with you in this fight.

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